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Dr. Shawntell Phoenix-Martin

  • Licensed Professional Counselor & Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

  • 15+ Years Experience

  • Specializations: Addiction, Depression, & Anxiety

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About Shawntell

Dr. Shawntell Phoenix-Martin is licensed in North Carolina, Arizona and Georgia. She is also registered to see clients in South Carolina. Dr. Shawntell Phoenix-Martin holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology with twenty-five plus years of social service experience and eighteen of those years in the capacity of a Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC. Additional credentials are Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor as well as a Master Addiction Counselor. She has presented at state and national conferences addressing topics such as trauma, relationships and other mental health issues. 


From the heart of Dr. Shawntell Phoenix-Martin:

“I am here to assist you facilitate that needed change. My passion as a therapist lies in helping people overcome their mental health challenges and reach their full potential. Using a variety of therapeutic techniques such as music, poetry, movement, art cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology allows me to meet you where you are and support you as you uncover those obstacles that are hindering your ability to progress through life. I always possessed a strong desire to help others of different age groups. I want to be instrumental in giving you the tools and resources to MOVE INTO ACTION to reclaim your life by empowering through hope to transform lives!"

- Dr. Shawntell

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